Questions about our services?

Customer Frequently Asked Questions
Do you work Holidays? Is there an Extra Charge for Holidays? 
Eyez 4 Pawz Works the following Holidays - Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July, there is a $ 5 Charge for every Holiday booked. 

How Long are the Visits? 
Cat Visits Vary from 20 -30 minutes Dog Walking Daily Can range from 15 minute walks to 1 hour walks. 

Does My pet need to Be Current On vaccinations?
 Yes, I recommend that your pet be current on vaccinations including: Rabies, Distemper and for dogs who are outside Bordella vaccination. 

What does your Cares include? 
When doing a 20 or 30-minute cat visits we offer the following services:  Feeding and watering also medication administration if the cat is on IV or needs a shot We will charge a 15-dollar extra fee   Also cleaning of the litter boxes and extra play and attention during that visit.  Dogs cares along with the walk are Feeding walking and extra attention and love This is also included in the overnight stay.  When doing an overnight we also offer Garbage disposal, Watering plants and altering the blinds to make sure your home is comfortable for your animals and reassures you that your house is being taken care of while you are gone. 

What happens if my return is delayed or something happens when I am gone?  
Please make sure to email me or call me As Soon As Possible so I know we have the best interest of your pets. 

What are my Payment options? 
Cash or check only.  

Do you provide Boarding in your home? 
At This time 2 Eyez 4 Pawz only provides services in your home. 

How long have you been in Business? 
2 years 

Do you charge extra for administration of Medication or extra attention? 
There is a 15-dollar charge for IV or shots that need to be given oral is at no charge.

How do you handle Keys? 
Keys are coded with a code name for each key that is given to 2 Eyez 4 Pawz each key ring will have a code on it so keys can be handled properly or not lost. You can ask about the Shurlock system which is a 25-dollar fee and once you decided to no longer continue services with 2 Eyez 4 Pawz I will refund you 15 dollars of the 25 dollars.